Ann Martin Center is committed to ensuring the financial stability of our organization through maintaining positive cash flow, a solid cash reserve, and robust financial performance.  We strive to balance fair compensation for our staff while making services affordable and accessible to families at all income levels.

The condensed financial information on this page has been derived from Ann Martin Center’s financial statements as of the year ended June 30, 2015.


Alameda County Contracts    $4,180,730
Other Contracts    $83,844
Client Fees    $351,498
Grants & Contributions    $377,955
Other Income    $6,885
Total     $4,999,912


Program Expenses    $3,993,600
     Outpatient    $1,539,236
     School Based    $2,158,897
     Learning    $220,752
     Outreach    $74,715
Management and General    $810,094
Fundraising     $210,102
Total    $5,103,796

Change in unrestricted net assets    ($13,884)

Requests to view our annual audited financial statements or taxes (Form 990 and 1023) can be emailed to Mojgan Vijeh, Chief Financial Offer at