School-based Psychotherapy

Ann Martin Center provides on-site psychotherapy to students at nine Oakland schools including eight OUSD (Oakland Unified School District) public elementary schools and one K-12 charter school.  We offer individual, group, and parent/family consultation and therapy, as well as classroom interventions.

Services include behavior management consultation to teachers, participation in COST and IEP meetings, consultation to parents/caregivers, in-service training for teachers and school staff, partnering with school administrators and staff, and fostering school climates that are safe and supportive in collaboration with parents, teachers and staff.

We currently have teams of on-site clinicians in the following Oakland schools: Piedmont Avenue, Franklin Elementary, Allendale Elementary, Howard Elementary, Brookfield Village, Sobrante Park Elementary (Madison Park Academy), Markham Elementary, Burckhalter Elementary, Lighthouse Charter School, Lodestar Community Charter School, and Westlake Middle School.