Psychological Testing

What psychological testing services are provided?

Ann Martin Center provides comprehensive psychological assessment services for children and adolescents.  Our assessments can provide insight into a child’s social-emotional, intellectual, and academic functioning.  Depending on the particular needs and concerns, our assessments can evaluate difficulties with attention and concentration, behavioral challenges at home or in the classroom, memory problems, learning challenges, difficulties with executive functioning, and issues of emotional regulation, self-esteem, and peer and family relationships.

What is our approach to assessment?

Our assessment philosophy emphasizes a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to psychological testing within a collaborative context.  This means that we work closely with the child’s parents, teachers, and other professionals in order to gather information and come up with a strategy for the assessment that is tailored to each child and family’s unique situation, concerns, and needs.  As a result, each assessment may take on a very different form depending on what is needed.  It may include a classroom observation, formal psychological testing, a thorough review and explanation of previous evaluations, and/or extensive collaboration with the important people in the child’s life.  Similarly, recommendations are provided in a way that takes into account the unique needs of the child and family, emphasizing areas of strength that can be used to overcome the child’s particular challenges.

What does the assessment process look like?

Our assessments can be quite comprehensive and typically occur over the course of several months.  The first step in all of our assessments is an initial meeting between the assessment clinician and the parent/caregiver.  During this meeting the clinician will gather information about current concerns and functioning, past evaluations, and the child’s developmental history.  Based on this information, the clinician and caregiver will decide on a course of action.  If it is determined that formal testing is appropriate and necessary, the clinician will meet with the child several times over the course of a few weeks in order to administer the tests.

Testing sessions typically last between two to three hours each.  During this process, the clinician also observes the child at school (in the classroom and on the playground), gathers information from the child’s teachers and other professionals in collateral meetings, and review relevant information from the school, pediatrician, and/or therapist.  The clinician will then integrate the findings from formal testing with the information gathered, and will write up a comprehensive report that explains the findings and addresses the initial concerns and questions.  The results are then discussed with the caregiver in a face-to-face feedback meeting that provides an opportunity to discuss and understand the child’s functioning in light of the new information.  During this meeting the clinician will also provide a series of recommendations tailored to each child and family.  Recommendations may include specific interventions that the family can do to help the child at home, services that are needed at school, and additional treatment services, such as therapy or medication consultation.

More about our psychological testing staff

Our assessment program is made up of clinical psychologists in various stages of their professional development.  This includes licensed psychologists, advanced pre-doctoral interns and post-doctoral fellows, and psychology practicum students.  All clinicians are closely supervised by licensed psychologists with many years of experience and expertise in the area of psychological assessment.  Our program has a particular focus and emphasis on providing culturally sensitive assessments.  

What kinds of psychological testing do we provide (and what is the fee)?

Full Psychological Assessment includes:

  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Achievement Assessment
  • Social Emotional Assessment
  • Neurological Screening
    • Attention
    • Learning/memory

Price will be determined based on ability to pay.

Can insurance cover testing fees?

Children with full-scope Medi-Cal are eligible for free psychological testing.  We do not accept other forms insurance, although we will provide the necessary information to the parent/caregiver that may assist in reimbursement from their insurance carrier.  In addition to our full testing fees, we are able to offer services at a lower fee to those who are in financial need.

For more information, please contact our Outpatient Program Director, Ankhesenamun Ball, at or at (510) 655-7880 x 315.