Leadership Circle

The Ann Martin Leadership Circle is an exclusive group of philanthropists who, through generous annual contributions of $1,000 and above, make a lasting difference to children and families in the Greater East Bay. Their investment supports programs and initiatives that serve over 1,000 individuals annually and enables Ann Martin Center to grow its services strategically and achieve outstanding results.

Major Gift Opportunities

For those in a position to leverage even greater impact, we have designated several major gift levels as part of the Ann Martin Leadership Circle:

Benefactor Level

$1,000  helps fund six months of intensive individual psychotherapy treatment for 5 at-risk children in need of guidance

Ambassador Level

$1,500  covers one full year of one-to-one mental health counseling for 3 children in public elementary schools located in very poor neighborhoods of Oakland

Advocate Level

$2,500  enables six months of psychotherapy for 10 underserved, low income children

Heart of Gold Level

$5,000  makes possible one year of educational therapy for 10 children who struggle with special learning problems

Champion Level

$10,000  supports weekly individual and family psychotherapy sessions for 40 at-risk children over six months

Inspirational Level

$15,000  enables one full year of ongoing weekly psychotherapy for 30 students, including family sessions & meetings with school staff

Visionary Level

$25,000  helps provide individual and family psychotherapy sessions for 50 at-risk children over twelve months

Philanthropist Level

$50,000  supports one full year of individual and family psychotherapy sessions for 100 at- risk children with behavioral and emotional needs