Educational Support

Ann Martin Center provides educational support services to help students of all ages better understand and overcome problems in reading, spelling, math and study skills.  We offer individualized educational therapy and educational testing.

Educational Therapy at Our Clinic

Ann Martin Center provides educational therapy for youth and adults with learning disabilities and other non-traditional learning styles.  We develop customized treatment plans designed to build upon each individual’s abilities.

Our approach produces results.  Time and again we see students acquire new learning skills that help fulfill their potential.

An educational therapist at Ann Martin Center evaluates the student's learning processes, in particular identifying specific skills and areas of weakness.  As needed, we integrate feedback from teachers, parents, along with any diagnostic testing to better understand the individual's school performance, attitudes toward learning, self-esteem and social-emotional development.

Our educational therapists work closely to establish a trusting relationship with students and this becomes a foundation for exploring and reinforcing new approaches to learning.

Educational therapy can make a positive difference on issues ranging from poor study habits to dyslexia (and other information processing disorders). We provide strategies and techniques to improve:

•    Reading
•    Writing, spelling, grammar
•    Math
•    Memory
•    Study/organizational skills
•    Attention

Clients seek educational therapy for many reasons including concerns about:

•    Learning disabilities
•    Under-achievement
•    Poor organizational skills
•    Low self-esteem and loss of motivation
•    Parent-child struggles around school and homework

For more information or to set up an initial appointment, please contact our Learning Program Director, Betty Peterson, MEd ET/P at (510) 655-7880, ext. 370.